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Welcome to Fasthotel Linate: modern and comfortable accommodation close to Milan Linate Airport and a couple of miles from downtown Milan!

Fasthotel Linate is the ideal hotel for business travellers...

Fasthotel Linate is located in Segrate, just five minutes from Linate Airport, in a strategic position for travellers using this international hub. Easy to reach from the motorways and just a couple of miles from downtown Milan, Fasthotel Linate is a modern, functional hotel with full conference facilities. Its position and amenities make it perfect for business travellers and for organising meetings and corporate events.

... and visitors to Milan, the Italian fashion capital and a city steeped in art and culture!

The atmosphere at Fasthotel Linate is modern, relaxed and welcoming, with large, bright and airy spaces. The well-appointed rooms, generous breakfast and all the hotel’s amenities - bar, restaurant, car park, garage, meeting rooms and event venues - guarantee a comfortable stay for all guests, whether they are here on business or for pleasure to explore the many attractions - shopping, art, culture and food - of the fascinating city of Milan.

Via Francesco Baracca, 19
20090 Segrate (MI) - Italy
Phone: +39 02 4951 9890
Phone: +39 339 3534365
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